Header Builder for Wordpress

100% Visual Editing Mode.

Real time visual editing with beautiful and intuitive UI
Fully responsive

Your site will look great and works seamlessly across differences devices and platforms.

Instructions manual

Get started immediately with clear setup instructions and a comprehensive help guide with useful examples.

#What if?

Have you ever wondered how the most attractive page headers were built?

What if you had full control of your header to build it like you never thought it is possible?
You can do this now, with Stax Builder, for FREE.

Prebuilt headers available exclusively for FREE

#Do more

Multiple headers on the same page.

Now, you can have multiple headers on the same page, each with it's own look and set of options that allows you customize it to fit your site design.

There is no limit on having multiple headers on the same page.
And... there is no limit on having multiple elements on a single header.

"After I played for a while with this tool, I can't stop in changing all my pages now. That's crazy!"

Antonio Zakaria, Developer

#Be special

Mobile, tablet and desktop separate content and settings.

Choose the elements you want visible to the user, also with particular settings you will make a really good visual interaction.

"Replacing my header without the need to change my loved wp theme was absolutely fantastic. Thank you for such a great tool."

Sharma Mayor, Web Designer


The world's most beautiful and intuitive UI.

Useful features are always paired with beautiful and intuitive interfaces. In the end you will have a really nice and useful builder for your headers.

"Love to see features I always wanted from a wordpress editor and now these are here with a nice skin. Just love it!"

Karen Anastasia, UI/UX Designer

Works with any Wordpress theme.

Using a unique feature to detect an old header we assure that you replace it with
a new trendy header in the right place of your page.